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What is video calling And How to make a video call. The Perhaps you all know the answer because video calling has got a big boost with the arrival of Jio. But do you know about its working method? If not then this article of today how to make a video call is going to be very useful for you. Therefore, read this article completely. We are living in a time where all people are connected with each other through technology. Due to the advancements in communication technology, now we have more sophisticated and effective methods to communicate.

There are also devices whose access Therefore, we can easily use many communication features. Now people use electronic mediums to interact with each other, as well as corporations and businesses also use it to connect with their partners and employees. Why only in Businesses, now these Video Calling is being used in every house, to communicate with each other.
Technology has enabled us to connect seamlessly to interact with other people, whether they are in their locality or globally reside in another country. We can connect with them anytime and at any time. Where we know about audio calling (talking in the phone), but with video calling (audio as well as video), we can interact with them as well as video interaction with them. So today I thought that why should I provide you complete information about what is Video Call in so that you can know in detail about how this Video Calling works and what are its advantages. So without delay let’s start and How is video calling done Learn more about

What is video calling

One video call There is also a type of phone call that uses an Internet connection, and sometimes it is called VoIP. Full form of VoIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol. In this phone call, video is transmitted along with audio, in which both sender and receiver can see and interact with each other from the front.
In it, it seems that you have the position in front. Video calls can be made from a computer webcam or any electronic device that has a video-capable camera such as a smartphone or tablet, Or video-capable phone system.

How to make a video call

We use a lot of smart gadgets every day, such as Computer, Smartphone, Tablet, etc. Do you know that with the help of all these, we will be able to make a video call with a friend. Here I have explained all the Gadgets.

How to do video calling in computer

Video calls are taken in most of the official purpose in the computer. For this, an Internet connection, Web Cam, and a third-party software is required in your computer. Most commonly used to make video calls in a computer is Skype. this one Microsoft Is a product used for person to person and group video calls.
First you have to create an account on Skype. Then you download this software in your computer and enter account details of your friend, then you will be able to talk to them. The better your internet connection, the better will be the quality of your video.

What are the basic requirements to make a video call?

By the way, making video calls has not been as difficult as it used to be. But still some basic requirements It is important that you can easily do a video call without any problem.
1 one Better internet connection This is most important for video calls. Keep in mind that you must have a strong Wi-Fi signal before video calling. If you want, you can also use a ‘wired’ connection, for which you have to plug the computer directly with the router.
2. Also take care of your microphone and camera turned on Also, check whether your speakers (or headphones) are also plugged in with the computer, if you are doing video calling from computer desktop.
3. For Video Calling latest Android Application If you are using a SmartPhone or the latest software, if you are using a computer then ..
4. It would be good if you choose a quiet place then for calling so that your disturbances will be very less.

How does video calling happen on a smartphone

If in your smartphone front camera Is, then you just have to delay downloading and installing an Andorid or iOS application, so that you can also make video calls in your smartphone.
WhatsApp Who does not know about With the help of this your Android And will be able to make video and audio calls easily in iOS phone. Apart from WhatsApp, there are many other apps like, Google Duo, IMO, Skype, etc. You can easily make video calls with the help of all these apps.

How do video calling in tablet

Tablets also require a video calling application to make video calls. Also, there should be a built-in camera in your tablet so that you can make video calls. All for smartphone Video Calling Apps Hai, you will also be able to use them in Tablet. For this you do not need to see any other application.

How to do video calling without an app

A built-in video call capability has also started coming in phone systems, in which a camera is installed and all the necessary instruments are installed to make video calls. But the person being called is also required to have a similar phone system to receive video calls and transmit video back.

How to make video call in live phone?

How to make video call in live phone?Let us know further how we can make a video call using this Jio Phone. For this, you have to follow the steps given below.
Step 1 – Press’Center button‘ And Navigation keys Use ‘Jio Videocall’ to locate icon To.
Step 2 – Once you have located JioVideocall icon Where are you located, then you have to press Center Button from which you can open the app.
Step 3 – Now you can see ‘Recent‘ And ‘Contacts At the top of the tabs screen, now you can make a video call whenever you want, using any of the tabs. You can select the contact using the navigation keys, which you want to make a video call.

How to make a video call from live phone to live phone

If you want to use a Jio Phone to make a video call to another Jio Phone, then you can do this very easily but you have to follow some steps. So let’s know about this.
Always keep in mind that if you want a video call, then both you and anyone you want to call has a VoLTE compatible 4G The handset must be there, with this the Jio Join app should also be installed in both devices and furthermore both should be connected with Jio 4G Network.
So let’s now know how to make a video call from jio phone to jio phone:
Contacts / Address Book: First select contact and then tap on the camera icon.
Phone Dialler: Then enter a mobile phone number from your contact which is capable for video calling and then tap on the camera icon.
Call History logs: Then select a phone number which has been guessed with a camera icon. This means that you can call them video.
During an HD voice call : If you want, you can upgrade an HD Voice call to a video call, for this you have to tap the Switch icon on the in-call screen. A video call will be established only when that other person accepts that video call request. In some handsets, an upgrade option is available ‘Modify callUnder ‘setting’. Click on Modify call and select Video call.

How is video calling?

Often people know how to do video calling but they do not know how it is video calling? So let’s get more information about this.

Video calling is also technically called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This is a very popular standard through the web of voice and video calling. We all have different platforms for making voice and video calls such as WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger, Facebook Let’s use
Basically, both voice and video call depends on how the media can be streamed between two clients that are connected with each other. So there must be something that can do this task of media streaming from one client to another.
To understand this media streaming, we need Webrtc Need to know about

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is a free, open project that provides real-time communications (RTC) capabilities to browsers and mobile applications through simple APIs. These WebRTC components are customized according to the requirement to perform their work properly.
But with this we have to do more things with WebRTC so that we can implement it correctly.
Those other things are

  • Signaling
  • STUN Server
  • TURN Server

What is signaling?

They are setup before a call is made between two clients, both clients must be confirmed with each other for which they have to do some tasks such as sending key data, messages, about metadata media. All these functions are done in signaling.
We can use WebSocket to perform signaling.
It only shows that both clients are ready for a call to connect with each other.

Peer to Peer Connection

After signaling, we have to connect both clients peer to peer. And to connect, we must have public IP address for both clients.
So to get a public IP address, we have to use STUN Server.

STUN Server

The STUN Server is used to obtain a public IP address.

Why do we need a Public IP Address?

One Public IP Address That IP address is called globally unique throughout the Internet. Only one device must have that public IP address. Meaning that the same public IP address cannot be in more than one device.
There only Private IP Address That IP address is called that is not globally unique and can be simultaneously connected to more than one different device. A private IP address is never directly connected to the Internet. Devices that have a private IP address are unique in their own unique IP space (eg different companies or domains).
like NAT(Network Address Translation) Provides the local IP address of a device that cannot be used publicly to connect peer to peer. And for WebRTC, we require a special public IP address. Which we get from STUN Server.
If everything is done properly, then we get public IP addresses of both clients, and we can connect both these clients through WebRTC and start the call. WebRTC to all media streaming handle Is able to do.
Now comes the problem that this real world connectivity is not as ideal as it should be.
In such case, we do not get public IP address of both clients. Because of which we cannot connect peer to peer. This is why we need a TURN Server.

What is TURN Server?

The TURN Server is used to connect both clients if peer to peer fails to function like a mediator. Basically, it takes data from one client and sends it to another client. Therefore, its function is to relay to the media.
In this way, two clients start interacting with each other.
Other small data which is not related to the media, such as a client cuts the call, any setting changes, messages etc. that are used in the signaling process.

Often people get the question that why WebRTC do not signaling?

The answer is: To avoid redundancy and to maximize compatibility with other established technologies. Signaling methods and protocols are not specified in the WebRTC Standards.
WebRTC is optimized for media only. And this is how voice and video call works.

Is my video call safe or not?

By the way, it is more difficult to give a simple answer to whether Video Calls is safe because the answer is yes and no. Let us understand both things in some detail. Three reasons why Video Calls are safe?

1. It probably does not contain any intermediary

Most video chats take place in a direct machine-to-machine connection. To deliver video stream efficiently, data is sent directly from one computer to another. There is no server or service in middle processing to capture the video stream.

2 . Most chats are encrypted

You are using any type of service, all the data that transmit in it encrypted Occur. Even if someone intercepts that data such as your ISP, it is not so easy to decipher it.

3. Maybe you are not that much interesting

I want to disappoint you by saying this, but it is true that you and we are not so much interesting people who investigate other people and intercept our video. If seen, there are other people on whom they can do this and not on us.

Some Common Causes Why Video Calls Are Not Safe?

Maybe video calls may not be too safe, because if the other person who is on the receiving end, if he is using a screen recorder, then you will not know anything about it. This work is often done to blackmail.
Nobody can do anything in it because no different hacking technology is used in it, just a video recording software is used which is a normal software.
Or it could be that if there is already someone in your computer malware If he is mehud then he hacker Who he malware It has been installed, it can record all your video stream and can also blackmail you later.

What is the difference between Video Call and Voice Call?

Video calling You can hear and see each other Voice call I can only hear each other. Internet calling is required for video calling, while normal network is enough for voice calls. Video Calling uses a lot of data.


I hope you find this article of mine How to make a video call Must have liked It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information about Video Calling in to the readers, so that they do not have to search in reference to that article in any other sites or internet. This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write low comments. If you liked this article how to do video calling or got to learn something, then please post this post like Social Networks Facebook, Share on Google+ and Twitter etc.

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