What is Android One & Why should You Buy It?

Do you know what is Android One ? Is this different from other Android smartphones? I think not many people will know about it. Android is the most used mobile operating system in the world. According to an Android user, you should know about it.
Android One is Google’s program in which you get software like Stock Android of Google Pixel in your phone.
This program was launched by Google CEO, Sundar Pichai in 2014 so that budget phones get the benefit of Stock Android.
Right now the budget phones in this program are low and mid-range and flagship phones are more. So in this article we will learn about what is Android One.
Before understanding the advantage of Android One, we have to understand the advantage of Stock Android .

What is Android One?

android one
You must have seen how many different mobile companies say that they have Android on their mobiles, but they seem different in looking at the Android software of each company.
This happens because Google gives its Android software to the companies and this company then puts its custom software, custom apps and features on it. It’s like pizza – Google plane makes pizza and other companies put toppings on this cheese pizza according to their own. Google also puts its toppings on this pizza and we call this Android Pizza as Stock Android.
In stock Android, you get a smooth and light software because stock Android consumes less RAM than other company’s Android and it does not get useless extra apps which eat up the phone’s memory and battery. The design of Stock Android is also very good to see and because Stock Undorid comes directly from Google, Stock Android updates are also first.
Left to right : Stock Android, Huawei Honor EMUI, Xiaomi MIUI, Samsung Experience UI)
Apart from the smooth software of Stock Android, apps like Google Photos and Google Lens are installed in Stock Android. Google Photo and Google Lens are given below.

Google photo

Google Photos is a photo app of Google that comes installed in Android One Mobile. The special thing about you is that with this you get unlimited memory to backup your photos and videos, which you can also see from other mobiles and computers because the backups are cloudy.
Google accepts 8 MP photos and 1080 pixels for unlimited memory. If your photo or video is larger than this, then Google reduces it to 8 MP and 1080 pixels and makes a backup.
If you do not have to do this then Google Photos uses the storage of your Google Drive for backup. You can also download Google Photo app from Google Play Store.
With Google Photos, you do not have to bear the burden of reducing your memory due to photos.
Another very good feature of Google Photos is Automatic Albums and Memories. In this, by putting Artificial Intelligence on your photo, Google Photo can understand when you took the photo and said that it was taken and Google Photo makes the album by itself.
If you have gone to Delhi with your friends on holiday and have taken a lot of photos of yourself. You photographed India Gate, Chandni Chowk and Red Fort. Google Photo will create an automatic ‘Delhi holiday’ album for you by looking at all these photos, in which all these photos will come.
With this, by recognizing the shape of your friend, Google Photo also tags your friends.
Apart from this, your friends can also put their photos in this album very easily. Google photo searches are excellent. You can search your photo from location, date, names of people and many other things.
Memories are the second best feature of Google Photos. Looking at your photo, it tells you what you did a year ago. If you went to your Delhi vacation in September 2016, then Google Photo will show you the photo of your Delhi holiday on September 2017. It is a very fun experience.

Google lens

Google Lens is another great app of stock Android. Google Lens puts Artificial Intelligence in your camera . It is from this that you take a photo of anything, Google recognizes it and gives you the same information about that thing. If you have taken a photo of a flower, Google lens can tell you at the same time which flower it is, where you can get it and more such information.
If you have taken a photo of something that you can buy online, then it also gives you the information to buy Google lens online. This Google Lens feature comes installed in Android One phone.

How many years will Android One Mobile keep getting updates?


Android One Mobile will continue to get Android updates for 2 years after the mobile launch. Due to this, you will continue to get the latest features of Android for 2 years.
Android One mobile gets Android updates most quickly as these updates come directly from Google. With 2 years of Android updates, Android One Mobile will continue to receive monthly security updates for 3 years after launch. Many companies forget their old phones and start selling their new phones.
This will not happen in Android One phones due to 3-year monthly security updates. Security updates protect the phone from dangerous apps and software fixes problems.

Android One Mobile List

Stock Android was earlier available only on Nexus Mobiles and Pixel Mobiles but due to Android One program, it has started coming on many phones. Android One phones launched and launched in India are given below –
1. Nokia 6.1
2. Nokia 7 Plus
3. Nokia 8 Sirocco
4. m A1
5. m A2
6. Nokia 3.1
7. Nokia 5.1
Android One program is a great program if run well. Pixel phone software, what more could you want without the cost of a pixel phone!
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