What is Pan card and How to get PAN card

What is Pan card and How to get PAN card

Today we will tell you how to get PAN card, that too in a very easy and simple language, if you want to know how to get PAN card then keep reading my post from beginning to end.

As friends, today we are talking about how to get PAN card, all of you must have heard about the Pan Card, and must have used it, then you will know how important the Pan Card is for us and What is the importance of Pan Card for us?

You will know the importance of Pan Card, but if you lose your Pan Card, then we get so much trouble, and because of losing Pan Card, many of our tasks are not done.

Pan Card is a very important ID card for opening an account in the bank, depositing cash, financial transaction.

So friends, know that how to get PAN card if you want to know how to get PAN card, then read this post carefully from beginning to end. First of all, we know what a Pan Card is –

What is Pan card

Pan Card is a unique identity card, and it is very important in all types of Financial Transaction, Pan Card has an Alphanumeric Number of 10 Digit, which is determined by the Income Tax Department (Income Tax Department).

This process comes under the Central Board for Direct Taxes (Cbdt), from 1 January 2005 it is necessary to state the Pan Card along with any of your invoices, the Pan Card is also the size of your Debit Card and Credit Card, and In this, your important details like- your name, date of birth, father’s name, your signature, your photo are also in it

Pan Card is such an Id Card, which is very important in any economic transaction, it is very important for people living in all countries to have their identity card, because it is only through their identity card that it is ascertained. Which country is a citizen, the government has implemented many such identity cards in the country that identify the people living in the country, such as – Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voter Id Card etc.


How to get Pan card

Pan Card is very easy to make, and Pan Card is easily made, the Income Tax Department (Income Tax Department) has provided the facility to make Pan Card in all cities, if you want to make your own Pan Card then you Form 49a has to be filled.

You can get this form at an online shop in your own city, and if you want to download the form, you can also download it from the website of Income Tax Department (Income Tax Department), I will give you Income Tax Department (Income Tax Department) Let me tell you the website.


How to Apply Online for pan card

For Pan Card, we must first go to the site of Nsdl (National Securities Depository), from this site you can apply online for Pan Card. For this, you follow these steps.

  1. To apply Pan Card Online, you have to visit this website of Nsdl- Nsdl https://Tin.Tin.Nsdl.Com/Pan/Form49a.Html
  2. Now after visiting this site, select Apply For A New Pan, then click on Individual, now the form will come in front of you, which you fill according to the details given by me.
  3. In this form, fill in your Name, Father Name, Adderss, Age, Gender etc.
  4. Now in the column you will see, you fill the Ao Code of your city, Ao Code means the code of your city where you live.
  5. After filling all the information, you have to pay now, you will have to pay 110 rupees, now after paying, submit the form.
  6. Now take a print out of this form, now put your 2 Passport Size Photo on it and signature it.
  7. Now send your address and your documents in this form and send it to the Income Tax Department, write Application For Pan on this form and send it to it, it is necessary to send the form within 15 days after filling it online.

Important Document for Pan card

In order to make a Pan Card, it is also necessary to put some important documents in the form, we tell you which documents are required to be installed for the Pan Card. You can apply any of these documents to the form.

  • Identity Proof

You can put your Rashan Card, Voter Id Card, Passport, Driving License etc. as Identity Proof, you can prove your Identity by applying any of these documents.

  • Address Proof

You can apply your Passport, Driving License, Aadhar Card, Voter Id Card for Address Proof.

  • Date Of Birth Proof

In this, you can also put your birth certificate, your 10th-12th marksheet.

Let me tell you one more thing, Pan Card Age is not fixed, any person of any age can make a Pan Card, even if a minor, he can apply for a Pan Card, but a minor can directly apply for his Pan Card. For this, you can not apply for this, their parents can apply for Pan Card.

What is use of pan card

1. For buy or clearance of vehicles with the exception of bikes.
2. For opening any record with a financial organization aside from time store wherein Container card subtleties is required for a period store of sum surpassing Rs 50,000 or totaling more than Rs 5,00,000 during any budgetary year with –

  • Any bank or any co-usable bank 
  • Mail station 
  • Nidhi Organizations Act 2013 which is expressed in area 406 
  • Non-banking money related organization 

3. For the application, identified with the issuance of a Visa.

4. For demat record opening which is finished with any store, or with an overseer of protections or any individual with Protections Trade Leading group of India (SEBI).

5. For installment in real money which is more than Rs 50,000:

  • ​To any lodging or any café against a solitary bill produced at one frequency 
  • For venturing out to an outside goal or installments for purchasing remote cash at any one episode 
  • While making bank drafts or pay requests or broker’s checks from a bank or any sort of co-usable bank. 

6. For paying a measure of cash more than Rs 50,000:

  • To any common reserve organization for purchasing its units 
  • to any corporate association or to an open foundation for purchasing its debentures or securities issued by the organization or establishment 
  • To the National Bank of India, RBI, for purchasing bonds issued by them 

7. For money stores which are more than Rs 50,000 inside one day with banks including any co-employable bank.

8. For installment in real money or by method for a bank draft or by compensation orders or a broker’s check f
or a sum totaling more than Rs 50,000 in any monetary year for at least one prepaid installment instruments. It is as characterized in the arrangement rules of issuance and activity of prepaid installment instruments issued by the Hold Bank of India, Under Area 18 of the Installment and Settlement Frameworks Act, 2007 to any bank which likewise incorporates a co-employable bank or to some other organization or foundation.

9. For the installments of a disaster protection as a premium to the safety net provider for a sum totaling more than Rs 50,000 in any money related year.

10. For purchasing or selling protections (aside from offers) for any sum which is more than Rs 100,000 for every exchange.

11. For purchasing and selling of an organization’s offers where the organization isn’t recorded in a perceived stock trade for any sum more than Rs 1,00,000 for every exchange.

12. For purchasing and selling of any property which is steadfast for any sum more than Rs 10,00,000 or on the off chance that it is esteemed by a stamp valuation specialist to a sum which is more than Rs 10,00,000.

13. For purchasing and selling of merchandise or administrations of any nature other than unflinching property for a sum surpassing Rs 2 for each exchange.

14. A minor individual can utilize Container of his/her dad or mom or gatekeeper gave he/she doesn’t have any pay chargeable to make good on as Salary Regulatory obligation.

15. An announcement in Structure No 60 can be made, if an individual who does not have a Skillet Card, goes into any of the exchanges referenced previously.


So friends today, we told you about the Pan Card, how to get PAN card, I hope that I gave you complete information about how to get PAN card. Friends, you must have known how to apply online for pan card.

I think you will not have any problem in applying Pan Card, and if you have any problem or you have some Doubts, then you can ask us by commenting in the Comment Box, we will help you. We will help you. Would be happy

Friends, you must have got to learn a lot by knowing about the Pan Card, then you should also give information to your friends, and share it as much as possible. If you liked this post, then please comment in the Comment box, then you will get friends with some similar new post.

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