What is Tor Browser, How to Download & Use

What is Tor Browser, how to download and use this question will probably be in the minds of many of you, but you may have got information about it but maybe you have not got full information.
There is absolutely no need to worry here, because today I am going to give you complete information about what Tor Browser is, so that you will answer all the questions arising in your mind till the end of this article. Will know
As we know that we are living in the time of free-flowing data , where almost all people have the facility of Internet or simply say, the whole world is in your fingertips.
But as the reach of the Internet to share knowledge is increasing, with it it is also raising concerns about people’s privacy.
Because today online personal information of anyone is not safe. This is because all our online activity is being observed without our permission.
This online tracking is not only done by the government but there are many private companies that do such illigal work very easily for their benefit.
These are companies that mainly do this for Targeted Ads. Such unseen eyes always see us.
In this same season of Date gathering and Privacy Concern, there is also a Browser that always becomes the subject of discussion of people and that is Tor Browser.
Due to lack of so much information about it, it is not properly understood and it creates grief within the people, which later takes a terrible form.
People believe that it is used only for doing bad things such as Hacking or Cyber ​​Crime.
That is why today I thought that you should be given complete information about what Tor Browser is so that you have the right information about it and you too can explain it to someone else.
So, let’s start the delay and know what this Tor Browser is and why it is so much discussed nowadays .

What is Tor Browser?

If I talk about Tor Browser , it is a software with which users can browse the Internet anonymously or with privacy.
This Browser has been created by Tor Project, which is a Non profit Organization and which increases the privacy in the Internet.
The original name of Tor Browser is Onion Router because it uses the technology of Onion Routing with the help of which users’ online activity is kept confidential.
The maximum funding of the Tor Project has been done by the US Government, so if looked at from a different point of view, it is a tool that can be used as an authority over other countries.
Or simply, Tor is a means by which any user can hide their Internet footprints, but this is different from VPN.
These two can be used together but we will learn about it further.
If I can explain you from another perspective, Tor Browser is a gateway or gateway called Deep Web or also called Dark Web and which is the majority part of Internet.
If I tell you about it in easy language, if the Internet is an Iceberg, then the part we can see with our normal Browser or what we can find in Google is only the tip of the iceberg.
But the big part which we do not see and which Google’s Search Engines cannot even find is the Dark Web, or that part of the iceberg which is submerged under water and we do not see it.
We cannot find the Internet of this part with the help of our normal browser and they can be viewed and used only from Tor Browser.
Tor Browser is mainly used by journalists and activists who live or work in a country where there is a lot of restriction in the use of Internet. And with the help of Tor Browser,
They can do their work. Recently, all of you must have heard the name of Edward Snowden, who had revealed some secrets about American Government in public. And it is believed that he also used Tor Browser.
The main job of Tor Browser is to keep the identity of the users confidential and to do this they pass your traffic through many different Tor Servers and they are also encrypt with it so that no one can trace you. And even if someone tries to track you, they will not be able to know about your Exact location.

Why not have Internet Secure?

If you want to understand how Tor Browser works, then first you have to understand how this Internet works.
If I talk about Internet basic, then these series of connections are between computers, which are at some distance from each other.
Computers used to be isolated in early days, did not communicate with anyone.
But as technology progressed, Enginners did research about connecting computers and they also succeeded and the first network was invented.
But here too, computers needed to be nearby. After the invention of Fiber Optics, the distance was no longer a dilemma and this network could also be established in the middle of the continents, which led to the birth of Internet.
Some computers store the data of the Internet which is called Key Server.
The device with which those information is accessed is called Client, they can be SmartPhone, PC, Tab or any device.
The connection between these two is called transmission media, which can also be fiber optics, lan cable or wireless signal.
By the way, if we bring the information of the clients needed from the server, but this data flow can be obtained from both. These data are sent according to packets in the Internet.
Although these packets contain information about Sender and Receiver, some people and Organizations can also monitor the data and can access similar information in the web.
Not only can the server see this data now, but it has become a traffic analysis business in which both private and government organizations can view and analyze these message flows.
Tor Browers encrypts these data so that online footprints of users cannot be easily tracked.

How to Download Tor Browser

For your information, let me tell you that you do not need to pay for using or downloading Tor Browser because it is absolutely free. You can download it from here.
Here you will find modified versions of Tor for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Which you can install and use very easily.

History of Tor Browser

Tor is mainly based on the principles of Onion routing. And it was developed by Paul Syverson, Michael G.Ree and Nick Mathewson in the United States Naval Research Laboratory in 1990.
The Alpha version of Tor Browser is named ‘The Onion Routing Project’ or Tor Project developed by Roger Dingledine and Nick Mathewson. And it was launched on September 20, 2002.
Subsequent research and development is being done by the Electronic Frontier Frontier Foundation (EFF). The entire responsibility for this project is Tor Project Inc.
Which is a non-profit organization. This project is funded by the US and Swedish Government.

How does Tor Browser work?

Now the question arises how Tor Browser works. So for your information, tell me that Tor Onion works on the Principle of Routing.
In which the user data is first encrypted and then transferred with the help of various relays which are present in the Tor network, creating a multi-layered encryption (as in Onion),
This keeps the identity of the users safe.
An encryption layer is decrypted in all Tor relays, and the remaining data is forwarded to a random relay and this is done until it reaches its Destination Server.
The last node that appears in Destination Server looks like the origin of data. That is why it is very easy to trace the identity of the user.
In addition to providing anonymity to users, Tor Websites can also provide anonymity to Tor Hidden Service.

How to use Tor Browser

The first thing you can do is that you can download Tor Browser, in fact it is a modified version of Firefox.
But note here that you should download from the right source only because not doing so may cost you later. By the way, I have given the link of download above.
After that you have to install Tor Browser. It will not be installed like a normal program, rather it will be automatically installed in your desktop.
This is because Tor is a portable browser, so it is not installed in your program files but is installed on your desktop.
By the way, if you want to change its install location, you can do this by simply choosing the option to browse the install location. All other procedures are similar to normal program installation.
Once your Browser is installed, a Tor Browser named Folder will be created where all the files of your Tor Browser will be stored. In it, you will see a file that says Start Tor Browser.
On clicking it, you will see an option whether you want to connect directly to Tor Network or configure Proxy setting first.
Most people choose direct connection only. But if you want to use VPN-through-Tor method then you have to manually set these Proxy setting.
And after doing this, you are completely connected with Tor Browser, if you still have a problem then you can check your Ip with the help of IP address checker. If your original Ip is not showing then you are connected correctly.

Tips when you are using Tor Browser

Once you are connected with Tor Browser, then follow the tips given here.

  • When using Tor Browser, enter only websites with HTTPS and do not enter websites with HTTP. This is because websites with HTTPS are more secure than websites with HTTP.
  • Do not use P2P traffic in Tor as Tor is not created for peer-to-peer file sharing and will be rejected in many exit nodes. With this, P2P traffic slows down the Tor browser to a great extent, with this there is a lot of concern about your online anonymity.
  • Always delete cookies because by doing this you will keep your anonymity in online instead.
  • Do not use your real email at all because it can make you easier to track.
  • Never use Google while using Tor Browser because Google always fetches the data of our browsing habits so that they can give the same type of ads. In return you can use DuckDuckGo Search Engine.

What is Tor Browser’s Alternative

If I talk about Tor’s alternative, you can use Hornet which is a new anonymity network which provides higher network speed than Tor.
Along with this, there are other anonymity networks like I2P and Freenet which can be used according to Tor’s alternative.
In addition, Tails and Subgraphs OS are two Linux-based distributions built on the basis of Tor support.

Would you be right to use Tor Browser?

By the way Tor Browser is a very good, safe, secure and anonymous medium from the point of view of its online presence.
And it’s absolutely free. Although the developers had built it for good works, but some people are taking the wrong advantage of such facility and reducing many types of illegal.
It is not so easy to stop such people because Tor is built in such a way that It cannot be tracked.
Its main purpose was that people could get enjoyment of track free browsing, but people are misbehaving it, so in such a situation, it is up to us how we use it.
I sincerely hope that I have given you complete information about what Tor Browser is and I hope you all have understood about what Tor Browser is, how to download and use it.
I request all of you readers that you too should share this information in your neighborhood, relatives and friends, so that there will be awareness among us and it will benefit everyone.
I need your support so that I can convey more new information to you.
It has always been my endeavor that I always help my readers or readers from all sides, if you people have any doubt of any kind, then you can ask me irresponsibly.
I will definitely try to solve those Doubts. How did you like this article Tor Browser? Tell us by writing a comment so that we too have a chance to learn and improve something from your thoughts.

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