Why Is Adobe PageMaker So Famous in Desktop Publishing?

Why Is Adobe Page Maker So Famous in Desktop Publishing?

Today we are going to tell you what is Adobe PageMaker if you also want to know about Adobe Page Maker, then you are reading the perfect post. In this post we will tell you what is Adobe Page Maker.

How to Download Adobe Pagemaker 7.0 Free today you will know through this post. And we will explain it to you in very simple language. Hope you like all our posts. And similarly you continued to like all the posts on our blog.

If you want to create a document, you can create your document on PageMaker. On this, you can create any type of file, in this you can do the work of publishing very easily and quickly. It is also very easy to use.

If you have to make any kind of Invitation Card, according to the color of your choice then it is very useful for you. You get a lot of features on it. And the pagemaker we are telling you about today is PageMaker’s new edition 7.0.

So let’s start by now and know how to Download Adobe Pagemaker. if you also want to get the complete information about it, then read this post How To Learn Page Maker from beginning to end. Only then you will be able to get good information about it.

What is Adobe Page Maker

Page maker

We can use this software in many things. For example, it is used in setting up books, setting up advertisements, making wedding cards, invitation cards. And we also use Pagemaker to make books, make pamphlets and make letterhands.

Download Adobe Pagemaker

If you also want to download PageMaker, then follow the steps given below:

  • Download Pagemaker – First of all you download Adobe Page Maker.
  • Install PageMaker – Download and install it now.
  • Open PageMaker – Now you can open it and use it.

How To Learn Page Maker

Next we will learn about PageMaker’s User Interface. When you open PageMaker, you see this screen:


When the pagemaker is worked on and the tools used are in this box. Here you get 14 types of tools to create a publication. The file that is created in PageMaker is called Publication. You can move it anywhere as per your convenience.

When a new publication is created in PageMaker or a previously created publication is opened, only the Icons that are in the tool box are visible.

If for any reason the tool box is not visible, then you can edit the text and graphics of the publication in PageMaker by opening the window menu and clicking Show Tools.

Standard Tool Bar

The standard tool bar is placed below the PageMaker’s menu bar. The commands used in it, such as New, Open, Save, Print, Find etc. are given as Icons. Which you can use while working in the publication.

Ruler guides

Use ruler guides to specify the length and width of the page. It can also be moved if needed. The ruler guides are in the left and top of the publication.

Control palette

In this, options like font, font size, bold, italic, underline, line spacing, etc. are given. Which are used in doing any kind of editing while working on the publication.

Page border

With this you can select the border of the page. How much border do you have to keep? If you have typed something and it goes out of the page border, then it is not printed while removing the print.

Margin guides

This option is used to determine the place of typing inside a page. On the page, it appears as a thin blue line.

How To Use Pagemaker

You know what a pagemaker is, but you will know further how it is used:

Starting A New Publication

First of all, open the document setup dialog box. This dialog box sets up the beginning of your document. Accordingly, New Document is opened.

You can also open this dialog box from the document setup in the File menu and by pressing the P button (Shift + Ctrl + P) with Shift and Control. The information below is already set in this dialog box. Which you can change according to your need.

Page Size

In this, the page size of the document is set. You can set the length and width of the page according to it. These page dimensions are given in inches. But you can also choose its size according to you.


The orientation of the document is long. Which is also called portrait. It has less width and more height. PageMaker selects any of these orientations itself according to the page Dimensions you have selected. You can also change it if you want.

Number Of Pages

In this, you can select how many pages will be in the document. Initially, the same page document is opened. Later you can also increase the number of pages as per your requirement.

Starting Page Number

In this, it is told from which number the page number will be started. If you want the first page number of the document to be 10 and the second page 9, then you should enter 10 in its box.


The margins around the new documents are set in these text boxes. You can also change them as per your choice.


In this, you can set other options about documents. For example, the document will be printed on either side of the paper or on one side.


In this, you choose the name of the printer on which the document is printed for your document. This printer must be in your computer. If you do not have a printer, the word Display On None will appear in this box.

Features Of Pagemaker

PageMaker’s newest edition is 7.0. Adobe has made many new changes in this edition. And new innovative features have been added to it. So know about its features:

Templates have been added to it. By which the design of different types of pages is already determined. And you can use them to speed up your work.

The toolbar was added for the first time in this edition. Through which the working speed is increased. With the help of this toolbar you can print, save, format, spelling check the file with a single click.

Color management has also been used in this. By this, you can decide the colors in the document according to your choice.

Using clip art, you can easily use pictures and icons in publishing.

Through modern and advanced printing technology, you can easily do printing on both sides, duplex printing, binding printing etc.

Photos can be used directly by using Photoshop.


Through today’s post you have learned what is Adobe Page Maker and also you have learned how to download Adobe Pagemaker and hope that the information given by us will be useful for you.

If you want to know how to use Pagemaker, then you can take help of this post. Features Of Pagemaker You may h
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