Bare Metal Restore is a type of computer restoration process that restores full software configuration from a specific system.

, While it used a computer system  may be to restore a Backup the software configuration to or Simply migrate from one machine to another.

Both these words “restore” and ” bare metal restore” are often used interchangeably, as both refer to bringing a computer back to the same specific state.

The bare-metal restore is a bit unique because it uses a specific software configuration to restore a dissimilar hardware configuration.

For example, a bare metal restore might be used to restore a Linux system to a new computer that was created by a different manufacturer. At the same time, you can restore a complete system to a new hard drive that has different partition sizes.

A bare metal restore is much more similar to a disk image restore, since both types of restores are used to rebuild a computer’s software from scratch as well. But in a disk image restore, it simply copies the data bit-for-bit into a specific storage device.

This can cause some problems later if the new hardware does not support some configurations that are already in the disk image. That is why, web hosting companies and network admins create most of the time “bare metal backups” for their clients, which they can use to do a bare metal restore.

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