Bare metal system is a computer that does not have any software. This means that the user has to install an operating system in it so that he can be able to make any hardware functional.

This term “ bare metal” is commonly used to refer to custom-built PCs and barebones systems. These types of computers are mostly ideal for PC enthusiasts, who prefer more to install their software rather than using any pre-loaded programs that they rarely use.

A bare metal system also allows for advanced users that they can choose any non-mainstream OS, such as Linux distribution .

Web hosting companies also often offer bare metal systems to their clients, which they want to customize on their own from the ground up.

For example, if a client buys a dedicated or co-located server that has some specific hardware configuration. Then the server administrator can also install a specific operating system and web server software in his computer according to that requirement.

NOTE Bare metal is sometimes referred to as a ” bare metal restore ,” which means restoring a complete computer software configuration.

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