C ++ , which is to Pronounce ” C Plus Plus ,” it’s a programming language is that of the C language is built.

C is a high-level programming language that was developed in the mid-1970s . It was originally created to write Unix programs, but is now used to create all types of applications , whereas it works in almost all platforms.

Compared to earlier languages, C is also easier to read, more flexible (it can be used in many types of tasks), and it is also very efficient when it comes to memory .

C ++ , which is pronounced ” C plus plus ,” is a programming language that is generated from C language. Therefore the syntax of C ++ is very similar to that of C, but it also has object -oriented features, which allow the programmer to create objects within that code.

At the same time, this makes programming easier, more efficient, and also fun to coding. Due to its so much power and flexibility, most software programs today are written in C ++ language.

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