This camera RAW image is actually an unprocessed photograph that has been captured with a digital camera.

It contains raw image data which is captured by the camera’s sensor (or CCD ), which is saved in the proprietary file format which is specific like the same camera manufacturer.

By the way, most digital cameras process and compress photos according to JPEG files. When they capture an image. Now in the processing step, it automatically applies the appropriate color correction and together the JPEG compression reduces the file size significantly. Resulting in a efficiently processed JPEG image.

Although JPEG images are suitable for almost all tasks, but professional photographers and photography experts prefer how they can control the processing of each image.

So most high-end cameras have this ability so that you can shoot in RAW mode and not in JPEG. These raw files are unprocessed, allowing the photographer to adjust its settings such as exposure, white balance, and saturation once the image is captured.

Here lossy JPEG compression is not applied , as it can reduce image quality, whereas RAW mode saves files in losslessly compressed format.

Since Camera RAW files are uncompressed, they take up a lot more space than typical JPEG images. Especially because RAW files need about 5 to 10 times more disk space when they capture an image.

So if you want to shoot in RAW mode, then in such a situation you will need a large size memory card for your camera.

How to view Camera RAW Files

Since Camera RAW files are not saved in a standard image format, many image viewing programs do not even recognize them. If a program supports Canon RAW format, then there is no guarantee that it will recognize a RAW file that has been saved in a newly released Canon camera.

That’s why camera manufacturers often include proprietary RAW photo editing software with their high-end cameras. At the same time, all popular operating systems and software programs also update themselves regularly so that they can support new RAW formats.

File Extensions

.ARW (Sony), .CR2 (Canon), .DCR (Kodak), .DNG (Adobe), .ERF (Epson), .NEF (Nikon), .ORF (Olympus), .PEF (Pentax), .RAF (Fuji), .RW2 (Panasonic)Synonyms:RAW

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