A card reade r is an input device that reads flash memory cards.

By the way, it can also be connected to a standalone device from a computer via USB or it can also be integrated from a computer, printer, or a multifunction device. At the same time, there are already built-in card readers in all multifunction printer / scanner / copiers.

Most card readers accept multiple memory card formats, which include compact flash (CF), secure digital (SD), and Sony’s Memory Stick . At the same time some card readers accept other formats like XD, SmartMedia, Microdrive, and Memory Stick Pro Duo cards .

The main job of a card reader is to read the data in a memory card. So when you insert a memory card into a card reader, and connect it to the computer , then it shows on a mounted disk.

Whereas if you want to see the contents of memory card , then you have to double click on the icon of that card . This icon typically appears in the desktop (if we talk about Macintosh computers) while it shows inside ” My Computer ” (if we talk about Windows machines ).

Similarly, if you want to remove the card, then you have to unmount or “eject” that disk first, before physically removing it. This saves your memory card from getting corrupted .

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