Data mining is a process in which a large amount of data is analyzed, so that some patterns can be found and some useful information. They are typically performed in databases that store the data in a structured format.

In this, by “mining” a large amount of data, some hidden information is also obtained from it, which can be used in any other work.

Examples of Data Mining

A credit card company uses data mining to understand the buying habits of their members. While analyzing the purchases of cardholders, the company can study their shopping habits, while it can also know how those people of different places make more purchases.

At the same time, this information can be very important in offering some specific promotions to that individuals. At the same time, with the same data, the pattern of their shopping can also be understood, irrespective of the country or from any province.

This information is very valuable for companies that want to advertise or start a new business.

Valid Online Services, such as Google and Facebook to receive help, to mine the data of the quantity which he targeted content and advertisements offer users.

While Google also analyzes similar search queries, it searches for such popular searches in some specific areas and puts them in its autocomplete list (these are the suggestions that appear as soon as you type something). .

By mining the user activity data, Facebook also receives information on many different topics, at the same time, it targets the ads accordingly, which is based on the same information.

While data mining is mainly used for marketing purposes, there are many other uses as well. For example, healthcare companies can use this data mining to find links that are related to certain genes and diseases.

The meteorological department can also mine these data and find out the pattern of the weather and with its help can make pre-conjecture about the further meteorologic events.

At the same time, by managing these automotive data, traffic management can also make a pre-estimate of what kind of traffic levels are going to happen in the future and according to that you can make the right plans for highways and streets.

Data Mining Requirements

Data mining has two main requirements – a lot of data and a lot of computing power.

The more organized the data, the easier it will be to mine it properly and also to get useful information.

So it is very important for any organization that wants to engage in data mining, they have to be proactive to select which type of data to log and how to store it.

When it comes to mining data then supercomputers  and computing clusters are needed to process petabyte quantity of data.

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