E-learning or ” electronic learning ” means such education in which electronic devices and digital media are used.

Everything under it, whether it is traditional classrooms that use basic technology or why online universities are not there.

If we look at a traditional setting of e-learning, then it comes in educational films and PowerPoint presentations. These types of media provide such content to the students which is more dynamic and engaging compared to textbooks and whiteboard.

Edutainment , or content that is designed to be educational and entertaining, is used to attract the attention of students and at the same time to provide them with knowledge on a particular topic.

For example, a documentary film, which is also both engaging and informative.

While some classrooms incorporate digital technology, tens are designed around it. For example, a Classroom Performance System (CPS), which provides a completely digital learning environment.

This includes a projector which is used to display videos and web content . Also for a digital chalkboard instructor. In this, students can easily complete quizzes and tests and not using papers using digital response pads.

This type of paperless environment provides a very efficient way for students to learn and at the same time it also ensures the teachers that they must always have the latest instructional materials.

Online education is another very common form of e-learning. Many colleges and universities now allow students to submit their assignments online and also to complete tests online as well.

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