An e-Reader or “e-book reader” is a portable hardware device that is specially designed to read digital publication.

These digital publications come under e-books, electronic magazines, and digital versions of newspapers. Since textual data does not require much storage space, most e-readers can easily store many thousands of books and other publications.

Just as an iPod is easily able to store an entire music library, similarly a single e-reader can easily store a large collection of books.

Although very different e-readers you Online and Offline will be available, but in most places Amazon Popular Kindle , Sony Reader and more.

All these devices support many types of eBook Formats and with the help of them you can easily download many free and paid contents from a wireless network or from an internet connection.

Many e-readers have a monochrome display, also called “electronic paper”, while in others you may also see a full-color backlit display.

Since color images do not show in electronic paper displays, for this reason, their screen appears mostly like a paper page in a book, while it can be easily seen even in bright sunlight.

Tablets , such as the Apple iPad, the BlackBerry PlayBook, and the Amazon Kindle Fire, are considered e-readers, as they are primarily used to read digital publications.

By the way, if we call these devices as tablets, it would be more correct because they are not designed primarily as a digital reader. While tablets have more features which are not available in a digital reader.

At the same time, e-readers are more suitable for reading e-books and not tablets.

Synonyms: E-Book Reader

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