eBook (or e-book) is a short form of ” electronic book “. This is a digital publication that you can read in a computer, e-reader , or another electronic device.

eBooks are available in many different file formats. There are also some open formats that can be read by multiple devices. There are other proprietary ones that can be read in some specific device, such as iPad or Kindle .

Publications that are commercially available also include some type of digital rights management (DRM) which hinders the viewing of that content with unauthorized devices.

For example, many books are available through Amazon’s Kindle Store and Apple’s iBookstore, all of which are copy-protected under DRM protection.

Although there are many types of eBook formats, but all the major ones support text, images, chapters, and page markers. While most formats also support user annotations, such as expanded text, drawings, and notes.

For example, Sony Reader has a handwriting feature that allows you to underline some specific text of a page.

At the same time, Amazon Kindle has a highlighter pen, which is used for highlighting text. Some e-readers allow you to share your annotations online and together with other readers to view the text.

NOTE An eBook can be either a novel, magazine, newspaper, or another publication. The electronic versions of magazines and newspapers are called “digital editions”, which differentiates it from electronic books.

Let’s know about the types of some eBook formats.

File extensions: .EPUB, .LIT, .AZW3, .IBOOKS

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