FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The FAQ is a list of such answers whose questions are quite common, while all the questions are only in the context of a particular thing or service. The FAQ is pronounced “FAQ”.

FAQ full form is “Frequently Asked Questions.”

If you talk about the IT world, then FAQs are created for software programs, computer hardware , websites, and online services. At the same time, they play the role of a central reference in finding answers to common questions.

Since FAQs are based on user feedback, they evolve over time. For example, a software company may receive a lot of emails with their software installer above a specific step.

In this, companies often clarify those steps in their FAQ so that users can get their answers easily, while they do not need to find it elsewhere. Together, they do not have to know the answer to this by sending them email to the company.

This is because the company does not need to have more technical support, which saves the time of both the software company and the end users.

Some software programs and hardware devices already come with a FAQ document. In some cases, the FAQ is present in the ” readme ” file , while it can also be a separate file or it can be included with a printed manual. Most of the time, you can see the FAQs on the website.

Since the user’s question can be changed again and again, the company has to update the FAQ accordingly. You can get most of the FAQs from the ” Support ” section of a website .

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