FIFO is a method of processing and retrieving data .

The full form of FIFO is “ First In, First Out. “In a FIFO system, the first items which are entered first are also removed first. In other words, the items are removed in the same order in which they were entered.

Let’s understand this with a real example, think that there is a vending machine where the items are loaded backwards. When a person selects an item (such as a cold drink). Then that person may have chosen one row product of that vending machine.

But in such a situation, the machine selects the items first. Then an item from the back goes forward in that line. Whereas items are dispensed with FIFO methods as if to place them.

Computers are often implemented in the FIFO system when data is extracted from an array or buffer.

If the first data that is entered is first extracted in the buffer, then the FIFO method is used. At the same time, the exact opposite of FIFO is LIFO , in which the last item to be entered is first removed.

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