Hacker is said to be those clever and expert programmer who with his expertise can complete any tasks, even in a pinch . But in today’s time, they are being told by Hacker who easily get unauthorized access to other computers .

A hacker is actually a person who can use his computer, networking and other skills to solve any technical problem.

What is Security Hacker?

Security Hacker is called such person who explore new methods using which they can breach defenses and exploit the weakness of a computer system or network.

In the process of hacking, a ” hacker ” can use his methods to cross the security levels of a computer or a network and peep into anyone’s system.

For example, to know the password of another user, write a custom program to break the security software of another computer .

These are the hackers whose software manufacturers periodically release periodic ” security updates ” of their programs. By the way, it is very rare that an average person is hacked, while most big businesses and organizations receive multiple hacking attempts every day.

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