Handle refers to a name that you use in chat rooms, web forums, and social media services such as Twitter. In today’s online world, a handle is another name for a username.

The term ” handle ” was first used in the 1970s and the term comes from Citizens Band radio (CB radio), which is a short-distance radio communications medium. CB radio users used to identify themselves as unique nicknames, which later became famous as handles.

When online chat became more popular in the 1990s, this term “handle” was transferred to the Internet and it became a common way for users to identify themselves online. While handle and username are often used synonymously, both of them are not always of the same meaning.

For example, when you choose a username for a secure website such as a bank or investment site, then it is not necessary to be your handle. This is because the username is always kept private and it is used in combination with a password, so that a login can be created.

Handles, on the other hand, are often public usernames that are used to identify people online.

The most popular web service that uses handles is Twitter.

Even, Twitter usernames are often called ” Twitter handles “. You can reference other users in a tweet using the “Mentions” or “@reply” feature.

If you want to mention another Twitter user in your post, then all you have to do is type the symbol (@) immediately before the user’s handle. In this, a link shows that user’s profile in an published tweet and in such a case the user receives a notification that you have mentioned or reply to it.

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