Hard Drive is such a storage device that stores all your data . It keeps the hard disk in itself , where all the files and folders are physically located.

A typical hard drive is just slightly larger in size than your hand, while it also stores data ranging from about 1TB to 2TB or more. In this, the data is stored in a stack of disks that are mounted within a solid encasement.

These disks are fast enough spin (in typically speed of 5400 or 7200 RPM) to the data to access from any location can be immediately drive. The data is stored in the hard drive magnetically, so that the data remains in the drive even after the power supply is shut down.

The word ” hard drive ” is actually a short form of “hard disk drive”. This term refers to the “hard disk” actual disks that are inside the drive. But if seen, all these terms refer to the same thing – a place where data is stored.

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