The first time (1980) personal computers which were available in the market were mainly Apple and IBM computers.

Where Apple’s systems used a proprietary operating system that was developed by Apple itself, IBM machines primarily ran in PC-DOS.

As the demand for personal computers grew, IBM determined that they would now provide the license to use the DOS operating system for other manufacturers. These companies started making personal computers which were also called PC clones or IBM compatibles.

As other manufacturers also started making PCs, the supply started increasing and their prices started to decrease. This made it possible that more people could now afford PCs and the sale of IBM compatibles increased manifold. With which they started to dominate the entire personal computer market.

At the same time PC sales of new manufacturers reduced IBM’s direct selling. At the same time, Apple Macintosh had taken a huge market share for himself since he started his own products from 1984. But the sales of IBM compatibles did not change much due to the low cost and wide availability.

At the same time, when Microsoft launched Windows 95, gradually the desire for IBM Compatibles started diminishing. At the same time, the word ” IBM compatible ” slowly started outdated. Modern PC is now called ” Windows computer “.

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