ICQ is a very popular online messaging program. This is a very similar program to other instant messaging programs such as AIM and Yahoo! Just like Messenger. But it allows users to enter chat rooms and simultaneously to chat with multiple users at the same time.

The full-form of ICQ is ” I seek you “. At the same time it is more community-oriented chat program than other messaging programs.

Since this program was released in 1996, since then, many major revisions have been done in ICQ. At the same time, it has also evolved from a basic messaging program to become a communications tool that allows users to interact in many ways.

For example, ICQ now supports voice, video, and VoIP communications and is also used to send text messages via SMS to other mobile phones .

Programs such as ICQ2Go, the ICQ Toolbar, and ICQmail, etc. have also been developed for ICQ users according to additional tools.

ICQ is still a community-oriented program that offers many types of chat rooms, which are categorized according to age, location, lifestyles, beliefs, and other classifications.

Users can easily join chat rooms according to ICQ software or via ICQ.com via web interface .

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