ICS allows multiple computers to be connected with the Internet, in which they use the same Internet connection and IP address .

The full-form of ICS is ” Internet Connection Sharing .”

For example, many computers in a house are connected with the same cable or DSL modem for which a router is used. As long as the router is connected with the modem , each computer that is connected with the router is also all connected with the Internet.

Network address translation (NAT) allows computers to share the same IP address.

ICS can also be done using some Softwares. Windows 98 and later, as well as Mac OS X, support Internet connection sharing.

This allows to modify the network settings of a system, so that the computer is transformed into a gateway . Other computers can also use computer’s Internet connection in the same network.

Windows users can use similar programs such as WinGate and WinProxy, so that they can achieve the same result.

Where Internet connection can be shared with the help of software, but using hardware (such as a router) is considered to be a much easier and hassle-free solution.

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