Kerning is a type of spacing between characters in a font. Without kerning, each character will take a block of space and the next character will also be printed after that. When kerning is applied to a font, then characters can easily overlap vertically.

This does not mean that the characters are actually touching, but in its place it allows two characters to be taken so that they can take the same vertical space.

For example, when characters A and V are placed next to each other, they take very little space if they overlap. This is because both the right side of A and the left side of V fit together.

If kerning is applied to two characters, then you can draw a vertical line that also straight down, that’s where it starts from the top left part of V and there it goes to the lower right part of A.

Kerning is very useful because it allows to place more text in a given amount of space. This allows longer articles to be placed in newspapers and magazines, which have very limited space.

At the same time it seems more natural because when people write with their hands, then often people overlap characters with each other.

Many text editing programs, like image editors such as Adobe Photoshop , allow the user to use kern characters. These programs include a kerning setting that enables the user to determine how tightly characters can fit together.

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