Kindle is a portable e-reader that has been developed by . It allows you to download and read digital books, newspapers, magazines, and other electronic publications.

The Kindle also includes a built-in speaker and headphone jack so that the user can easily listen to audiobooks or background music.

Kindle was first released in November 2007 and then several of its updated versions were released later.

Each Kindle, other than just Kindle Fire, uses a special type of display, also called ” E Ink ” or electronic paper.

At the same time, apart from a typical laptop screen or computer monitor, E Ink display is monochrome and no backlight is found in it.

Rather it has a light-colored background, while text and images are displayed in it in grayscale. The result is a paper-like display found at the end that can be easily viewed even though the sun is flowing.

You can easily download the content in a Kindle, also using a built-in Wi-Fi connection (which is available in Kindles that were released in 2010 or later) or Amazon’s proprietary 3G Whispernet network. .

This Whispernet network is a free service provided by to only Kindle users and there is no need to take any wireless subscription. offers a ” Whispersync ” that allows users to wirelessly sync data between multiple Kindle devices.

By the way, Kindle was designed primarily on the basis of a basic e-reader, but each iteration started adding more functionality to it.

For example, recent versions of Kindle include a web browser, which allows users to browse websites.

This Kindle Fire, which was introduced in September 2011, is as much an e-reader as it is a tablet, as it has a color touchscreen that runs in the Android operating system.

Kindle Fire users can easily download apps directly from Appstore.

Kindle eBook files are saved in. AZW file extension.

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