KOffice (pronounced ” K-office “) is actually an integrated office suite for K Desktop Environment (KDE), a desktop interface for Unix systems. It was first released in 2000 and its final version was published in 2012.

This suite includes productivity applications, which include a word processor , image editor, and project planning tool. Like KDE, both KOffice source code and office suite are available only as free downloads.

Appplications that are included with KOffice are listed below.


  • KWord – एक frame-based word processor
  • KSpread – एक spreadsheet program
  • KPresenter – एक presentation creation program
  • Kexi – एक database program


  • Krita – A raster graphic editing program that supports layers
  • Karbon14 – एक vector graphics drawing application
  • Kivio – एक flowcharting program


  • KPlato – एक project management और planning program
    Supporting Programs
  • KFormula – एक mathematical formula editor
  • KChart – एक graphing और charting program
  • Kugar – एक business report generating application
KOffice was replaced by Calligra Suite, which was first released in 2012.

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