Lag is a type of slow response of a computer . With this, you can tell any computer that it is working slower or not. But this word is most commonly used in online gaming.

Video game lag often happens for some main reasons, such as –
1) a slow computer
2) Slow Internet connection.

If you are playing an online multiplayer game and your computer is unable to process incoming data in real-time, then it will slow down the game for everyone.

Whereas if your Internet connection itself is very slow or inconsistent (which is often very common in a shared wireless connection), your system is unable to send or receive that much data to keep up with other players. , From which the lag arises.

This lag can cause many choppy frame rates and that is the main reason for a delay between your input and the screen.

In an ideal world, all online gamers have fast computers and fast Internet connections. But the truth is different, it has been found that players have a variety of computer systems as well as different Internet connection speeds.

In such a situation, video game developers must think about this lag in multiplayer games. According to the most preferred method in this, lag should affect only those players who have slow computer or Internet connection.

This removes players who have high-quality gaming setups, to give them any negative affect on users who have slow systems.

In some cases, a player who has a high amount of lag gets booted automatically from a multiplayer game.

For example, in some games, if a player’s system does not respond, then he sees a message in the player’s screen that reads, ” Waiting for Server.” “While the other players see a message in the game that reads” Waiting for player: [player name]. ”

If lag is too much, then the player automatically gets booted from the game.

The real meaning of lag is to slow down the function of the system.

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