The full-form of LAMP is “Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.” All these software technologies are used for a fully-functional web server.

Linux is a very popular operating system that is used in web servers, the main reason for this is also because most free Linux distributions are available. This means that Linux-based servers are typically cheaper to set up and maintain than Windows servers.

Since Linux is an (open source | open source), it works with all other popular open-source web hosting software components.

The most important software component of the “AMP” package is Apache, or ” Apache HTTP Server ” Apache is a software that serves as webpages in the Internet via HTTP protocol . Once Apache is installed, a standard Linux machine is transformed into a web server that can easily host live websites.

Other components of LAMP include MySQL and PHP. MySQL is a very popular open-source database management system (DBMS) and PHP is a very popular web scripting language.

Both these techniques are used to create dynamic websites. In lieu of serving only static HTML pages, a LAMP server can easily generate dynamic webpages that run PHP code and simultaneously   load data into a MySQL database.

In some instances,   “P” in LAMP indicates either Perl or Python, which are other scripting languages. The “AMP” packages are called WAMP and MAMP  etc. for Windows and Mac systems  .

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