A laptop is a portable computer that you can take anywhere with you and can be used in all kinds of environments. At the same time, the best thing is that you can use it anytime and anywhere.

This type of computer is also called notebook. This includes a screen, keyboard , and a trackpad or trackball, which act as a mouse.

Since these laptops are made to be used anywhere, a battery is included in it which allows it to be operated without a power outlet. At the same time there is also a power adapter in laptops which allows them to recharge the battery by using the power of the outlet.

By the way, these portable computers are much slower and also less capable as compared to desktop computers, but due to advancement in manufacturing technology, they enable laptops to perform much better, just like desktop computers. .

If seen, high-end laptops often perform better than low or mid-range desktop systems.

Most laptops include many I / O ports, such as USB ports, which allow standard keyboards and mouse to be used with the laptop. Modern laptops nowadays also include a wireless networking adapter, which allows users to access the Internet without wires.

By the way, laptops can also be more powerful and convenient, but this type of convenience comes with a price. Because some laptops cost significantly more than a similar desktop model.

But this is that working in desktop is more comfortable than laptop. This is because the laptop has a small screen and keyboard, which is not easy to use for a long time.

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