LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

make directory information available on the Internet, then you can do this through this process.

LDAP is a streamlined version of an earlier directory standard called X.500. The thing that makes LDAP more useful is that it works best in TCP / IP networks (unlike X.500), in which the information is accessed by LDAP by anyone who uses Internet connection . Do it

It is also an open protocol, which means that directories are stored in it in any type of machine ( ie Windows 2000, Red Hat Linux, Mac OS X ).

Let us give you an idea of ​​how an LDAP directory organizes, it is a few different types of levels of a simple LDAP tree hierarchy:

1. The root directory
2. Countries
3. Organizations
4. Divisions, departments, etc.
5. Individuals
6. Individual resources, जैसे की files और printers.

Most are the LDAP connectivity behind the scenes, so a typical user’s notice not only when it Web are out to surf. But it is a good technology to learn.

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