Leading is a typography term that shows the distance between each line of text. It is pronounced ledding. This name comes from the time when typesetting was done by hand and pieces of lead were used to separate lines.

Nowadays, most of the leading is used in place of ” line height ” or ” line spacing “. In some time it has been seen that even though the words have the same meaning but their applications are different, or their implementation is different.

Font leading is a type of setting commonly found in graphic design programs, while word processors typically use line spacing. Leading is typically measured in pixels, while line spacing is measured according to the default line height ratio.

Similarly, if we talk about manual typesetting, leading is defined as the distance between each line (the middle width of the lead). But in today’s modern applications, this leading is calculated between the font size plus the space that is above a line of text.

If you talk about Photoshop , for example, the default leading or ” Auto ” setting is a 40px font roughly 50px (which is 125% of 40px). It provides extra ten pixels decent padding between each row of text, which makes it more readable. If the default leading is more or less, then it is modified in Photoshop’s Character palette using the Leading setting.

Most text editors use a default line spacing that is 120 to 130% of the font size. A line spacing setting or 1.2, for example, is very common in most word processors. But it can also be adjusted in another setting, such as 1.5 or 2.0, which adds extra spacing between the lines.

If leading or line spacing is reduced to below the default setting (eg a leading around 20px for a 40px font), then the lines may also overlap with each other.Leading is often calculated from the baseline of a font (which is the bottom of a lowercase “a”) to the baseline of the row above it. But some programs add more vertical padding to each line as compared to others. Therefore, it is true that different programs can produce different types of line heights with the same leading size.

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