Leet , or leetspeak, is a way in which words are typed using alternate characters. Letters are replaced by numbers or symbols that look mostly the same or resemble in the same way.

For example, the letter “a” can be changed to the @ symbol and the letter ” E ” to the number 3. In this case, the word ” leet ” can be written as ” 1337. ”

Some letters are very similar in appearance to numeric alternatives, such as ” 8 ” for “B” and ” 5 ” for “S”. Other characters can also be easily replaced with the help of special characters.

Most letters have more than one possible leet replacement, so there is no standard way to write words in a leetspeak. In addition, font cases are also interchangeable. A combination of lowercase and uppercase characters is often found in Leet words.

In such cases, the letters can also be omit or change in some similar letters, such as “z” for the letter “s”.

For example the word ” computer ” can be written in leetspeak in many ways. for example :

  • CøM9µ † 3r
  • c0m¶uT€R
  • ¢ o ^^ püt & r
  • Ço | ° | _ | 7e®
  • Ç [] / \ / \ pÜ + é / I2

Where there is no correct way to write a word in leetspeak, but one thing is that they can be easily decipher.

Leet has no official use, yes, but they are used to write alias names. At the same time, they are also used for fun. Some users type questionable words into leetspeak so that they can bypass word filters in online games or discussions.

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