Machine Learning

Machine learning , or commonly abbreviated to ” ML ,” is a type of artificial intelligence ( AI ) that ” learns ” by itself or gets molded over time. In exchange for following any static rules that are coded in a program, ML technology identifies the input patterns and the Mejhud algorithms also evolve over time.

There are a large variety of applications of machine learning, while many of them are also part of our daily life. Some similar examples are provided below:

1. Medical diagnoses
2. Autonomous vehicles
3. Online ad targeting – Google AdSense और Facebook Advertising
4. Speech recognition – Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, और Apple Siri
5. Image recognition – Google image search, facial recognition Facebook पर और Apple Photos में

Example of Self-Driving Vehicle

In autonomous vehicles, machine learning is integrated together to increase safety and reliability. A self-driving car uses many such traditional artificial intelligence that can easily respond to the road conditions of any might, if it has been programmed accordingly to handle them . Whereas if the software receives any unrecognized input, then the car automatically goes to the default position so that it follows the backup safety measure, such as slowing down, stopping, or a manual override. Expressing needs etc.

Machine learning enables a vehicle to recognize events and objects that have not already been explicitly programmed in the source code. For example, a car has been programmed to recognize street lights, but perhaps nothing has been mentioned about the flashing lights that occur in construction barricades. In such a case, it learns from this experience – it also records the driving behavior of a human driver – in such a situation the car automatically starts to recognize now construction barriers and responds accordingly.

ML technology is the technology that enables these autonomous vehicles to differentiate the objects in the road such as cars, bikes, humans, and animals. At the same time it helps automobiles to be able to drive more reliably even in imperfect weather conditions and even on roads where the clear lines are not easy. The main goal of machine learning is to enable vehicles (vehicles) to drive like humans, without making any mistake that we are often human.

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