Macro has two computer-related definitions, both of which have been said to make your computer experience more efficient.

1. A Keyboard Shortcut

This term “macro” is often used as ” keyboard shortcut “. Keyboard Shortcuts that perform the commands contain such key combinations which are a like File to save the, to close a window, or data to the copying and pasting.

2. A Small Program

A macro can also be a small program, or script, that automates common tasks. These scripts are often run within programs and are often created by the user.

For example, a user can record a macro from Microsoft Word to insert its entire address when it presses a custom key combination. A Microsoft Excel user can also record a macro that formats the data in a spreadsheet of a selected column.

While both Word and Excel make it easy to create custom macros, there are other programs that allow users to create macros.

All programs that use automated commands are not called macros. For example, Photoshop allows users to save changes made to any image. With this, many steps users do not have to be repeated. At the same time these actions can also be applied in other images.

One thing is that macros save a lot of our time, that too repetitive tasks. If you too do some of the same tasks that you are doing the same way again and again, in such a situation, you should also record a macro to simplify this process.

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