Mail Server

Mail serve r (or email server) is a computer system that sends and receives email. In many cases, web servers and mail servers are combined together in a single machine. But large ISPs and public email services (such as Gmail and Hotmail) use dedicated hardware to send and receive email as well.

To make a computer system function like a Mail Server, the first thing to do is to include the mail server software.

This software allows the system administrator to create and manage email accounts for all domains that are hosted in the server.

For example, if a server hosts the domain name ” ” then it can provide email accounts that end with ” @ “.

Mail servers send and receive email using standard email protocols. For example, the SMTP protocol sends messages and also handles outgoing mail requests.

These IMAP and POP3 protocols receive messages and are used to process incoming mail. When you log on to Mail Server using a webmail interface or email client, then these protocols handle all connections behind the scenes.

Mail server software is available for multiple platforms. Of these, the most popular mail server which is Microsoft Exchange Server for Windows, is an enterprise product that is used by large businesses.

But there are also many different options, including Ipswitch IMail Server, IceWarp Mail Server, MailEnable, and hMailServer. Popular Linux options include Exim to send mail and to receive Dovecot and Courier Mail.

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