Natural number is an integer that is greater than 0. Natural numbers begin with 1 and they continue to increase until infinity: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… etc.

Natural numbers are also called “counting numbers” as they are used for counting. For example, if you are timing something, in seconds, then you should use natural numbers (usually it starts with 1). When they are written, natural numbers do not contain any decimal point (since they are integers), but large natural numbers include commas, eg 1,888 and 232,892,800. Natural numbers never have a minus symbol (-) because they can never be negative.

In computer science , natural numbers are commonly used when values ​​are being incremented. For example, in a for loop, the counter often increases from 1 to every iteration. Once the counter hits the limit (eg, 10 here for ( i = 1; i <10; i ++ )), then the loop breaks and the code that follows the loop is processed.

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