OCR is a technology that is used to recognize (recognize) text in a digital image. The full form of OCR is ” Optical Character Recognition .” OCR is commonly used to recognize text in scanned documents, but it is also used to perform many other tasks.

The OCR software processes a digital image for which it locates and recognizes characters, including letters, numbers, and symbols. Some OCR software simply exports text, while other programs convert these characters into editable text, that too directly into an image. Advanced OCR software can easily export the size and formatting of the text, along with the layout of the text which appears in a page.

OCR technology is used to convert a hard copy of a document into an electronic version (or soft copy). For example, if you can scan a multipage document into a digital image, such as a TIFF file , you can load that document into an OCR program that recognizes the text and then the document converts to an editable text file. There are some OCR programs that allow you to scan a document and then convert it to a word processing document, that too in just one step.

Although OCR technology was originally designed to recognize printed text, it can also be used to recognize and verify text written by hand.

For example, postal services such as USPS use OCR software so that they can automatically process letters and packages based on that address. This happens that the algorithm checks the scanned information of the existing addresses from the current database, while it confirms the mailing address. Google Translate app includes OCR technology that works with the camera of your device. This allows you to capture text from documents, magazines, signs, and other objects and then translate that into other languages ​​in real-time.

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