different types of databases available, such as Microsoft Access , Filemaker, and MySQL, while it is important to find a standard way to transferring data to and from each type of database . middle of. This is the main reason why the SQL Access group created the ODBC standard in 1992.

Any application that supports ODBC can access information from an ODBC-compatible database, regardless of the database management system it is using.

In order for a database to be ODBC-compatible, it is most important to include an ODBC database driver. This allows information to connect and access other applications from a different database that has a standard set of commands. This driver translates standard ODBC commands into commands that are properly understood by the database’s proprietary system.

ODBC should be thanked for all these things, which is a single application (such as a web server program ) that can access information from a lot of different databases, for which only the same set key commands. Only it is used.

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