When a computer or any other device is turned off or is not connected to another device or network, it is called “Offline”.

The opposite is true ” online ,” when a device can easily communicate with other devices.

For example, when you want to print something through your computer, an error appears in front of you, ” The specified printer could not be found ,” which means that your printer may be in offline.

In this case, you can check the printer and start it from the bottom.

Offline again means not being connected with the Internet. When you disconnect or pull your ISP or Ethernet cable from your computer, then the computer becomes offline.

In some programs, such as web browsers and e-mail programs, you also get an option of “Work Offline”.

This option disables the network connection of the program, meaning that no data is transmitted from to or from computer. This option is more useful when most people are using dial-up connections.

They might not like that their computer automatically started dialing when their ISP tries to access a program internet .

At the same time, there are many people who want that their system should always be in the status of “always on”.

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