The full-form OLAP is ” Online Analytical Processing .” OLAP allows users to analyze database information from multiple database systems at the same time. While relational databases are considered two-dimensional, OLAP data is actually multidimensional, meaning that information can be compared in different ways.

For example, a company can compare their June computer sales with July, while they can compare these results from another location, which is stored in a different database.

To process database information using OLAP, an OLAP server needs to organize and compare the information. Clients can analyze different sets of data using functions that are built into the OLAP server itself.

Some popular OLAP server software programs include Oracle Express Server and Hyperion Solutions Essbase. Due to the powerful data analysis capabilities of OLAP, OLAP processing is mostly used in data mining , which aims to discover new relationships between different sets of data.

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