connected to other devices. For example, when a network printer is online, then computers that are connected (connected) can also be printed with that network. Other devices, such as scanners, video cameras, audio interfaces, and other things can be said to be online when they are running and are also connected together with a computer system.

However, the real meaning of the word “online” is to be connected with the Internet. This connection can be by any means, whether it is a phone line, or a dial-up or DSL modem, a cable line via a cable modem , or a wireless connection.

A computer can be online even when it is connected to a computer network through a connection. Talk technically, then the computers which are connected to a network are online, whether it is connected with the Internet or not. But most networks are routed with a T1 line or other Internet connection. When computers or other devices are not online, then they are called offline .

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