Each time a user visits a web page, it is called a page view. Pageviews are also written as ” pageviews ” and are tracked through website monitoring applications so that the traffic of a website can be recorded. The more page views a website has, the more traffic it is receiving.

Same as a page view is recorded each time a web page is loaded, in such a situation many page views can be created by a single user, that too on the same website . In this case, unique page views are usually tracked by looking at the log of how many different visitors come to a website in a given time period.

Page views are often considered website hits, which is not correct. By the way, people often use the term “hit” to describe a page view, while technically a hit is recorded for each object that is loaded during a page view. For example, if a web page contains HTML, two images, and a JavaScript reference, then a single page view records four hits. Whereas if a page contains two images, then one page view will record more than two hits.

Page views are quite similar with impressions, while they are usually tracked by online advertisers. Page views and impressions will be the same if an advertisement is placed on a page. However, if multiple ads are placed on a page, then the number of ad impressions will be more compared to the number of page views.

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