is made up of connected devices, while it is used by only one person. This allows devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches to communicate with each other.

A PAN itself contains a lot of different connections, including Ethernet , Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. For example, a desktop computer might connect with a personal router via Ethernet and a tablet might connect via WiFi . A smartphone can communicate with a computer via Wi-Fi and a smartwatch via Bluetooth .

“Smartphone tethering” is a common type of PAN, in which a laptop or any other device is connected via the Internet with the cellular data connection of a smartphone . If your mobile plan allows it, then you can set up your smartphone on the basis of a “mobile hotspot” or “personal hotspot” which makes it to work like a wireless router when it is on the internet. Is associated with

Now if you want, you can connect your smartphone with your computer or tablet as you connect with a Wi-Fi router. The process of tethering is via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or USB , depending on the device.

Since the design of PANs is limited to a single user, they are often secured automatically, in which only the connection of authorized devices is accepted. So it is better to duble-check your connection settings to be sure that a password is needed or not, only authorized devices are allowed to connect with it, not for all people .

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