Query is a synonym for question. If we talk about query then, except in computing terminology, in other places these words ” query ” and ” question ” are used interchangeably. The same computer queries are sent to a computer system and it is processed by a software program.

A type of query, which people perform very much, is also multiple times in a day, this is a search query. Every time you are searching, using a search engine , then in such a situation you are actually performing a search query. When you press Enter, then the keywords are sent to the search engine and they are processed there using an algorithm which retrieves the related results from the search index. The results of your query appear on a search engine results page, or SERP .

Another common type of query is a database query. The Databases store the data that’s in a structured format, that the access can be used for queries. Rather, it would be appropriate to say that structured query language (SQL) is designed specifically for this purpose only. Users can create SQL queries that retrieve specific information from a database.

For example, a human resources manager can perform a query on top of an employee database that selects all employees of a specific department that are hired 11 and 12 months ago. This result can be used by the department head so that they can know about the current candidates for an annual review.

You may not always notice this, but computer queries are always running. For example, most dynamic websites query a database each time you visit a new page.

Software applications often perform background functions that perform queries that are based on your input. By the way, many types of computer queries are meager, all of them have the same basic purpose – that is, to get the answer to a question.

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