The word Queue is pronounced the same as the letter ” Q “. A queue is a type of list of jobs that have to wait to process. When a job is sent to a queue, it is simply added to the list of jobs. Computer programs mostly work in queues so that tasks can be ordered smoothly. For example, when the CPU finishes a computation, it processes the other which is next in the queue.

A printer queue is a list of documents that have been waited for printing. When you decide to print a document, it is sent to the printer queue. At the same time, if there is no kind of jobs in the queue at that time, then that document will be printed at the same time. But, if many such jobs are already in the queue, then this new document is added to the list and it is printed only when the work of others is finished.

Nowadays most printers have software that allow you to manually sort, cancel, and add jobs to the printer queue. While it may not show a huge benefit to a typical user, but it is a very helpful tool for those businesses where many people share a printer.

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