QuickTime is a multimedia framework that was developed by Apple . It also supports playback of a lot of common audio and video formats, including Apple’s proprietary. MOV format is also included.

This QuickTime framework includes two fundamental aspects – QuickTime Player and QuickTime developer tools, also known as ” QTKit “.

There is an application in QuickTime Player which is used to open and play videos and audios files. QTKit is a type of API that developers use to process multimedia formats within a single program. For example, to create, save, and convert media files simultaneously. This API provides access to developers so that they can prebuilt media controls.

The QuickTime Kit was discontinued in 2013, when OS X 10.9 Mavericks was released. Now Apple recommends developers to use the new AVFoundation and AVKit frameworks.


Apple released the first version of QuickTime in 1991. For nearly two decades, this was standard media technology used in macOS, including OS X. At this time, Apple released several versions of QuickTime Player. In 1998, Apple released a “Pro” version as a paid upgrade. QuickTime Player Pro offers a lot of editing features and additional file format which also supported the free version.

In 2009, Apple released Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard , which included a new version of QuickTime called QuickTime X. The modernized version of this QuickTime Player was bundled with macOS via version 10.14 Mojave, which was released in 2018. Apple did not release QuickTime X for Windows , but at the same time they offered many versions of QuickTime Player for Windows, version 7.7.9. Apple stopped providing support for the Windows version of QuickTime Player since early 2016.

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