RDF (Resource Description Framework)

The full form of RDF is ” Resource Description Framework .” RDF is a type of specification that defines how metadata, or descriptive information, should be formatted. This RDF model uses a subject-predicate- object format, which is a standardized way to describe something.

For example, an RDF expression reads, “This computer has a hard drive that stores 250GB.” It has ” The computer ” subject, while “a hard drive that stores” is predicate, and “250GB” is the object in it.

RDF formatting is used in RSS feeds, in which short descriptions of web pages are also useful. This RDF standard along with helping ensure that every description should include the subject, predicate, and object which is very important to describe the content of the page.

Although we humans do not need descriptions to be formatted in a specific way, on the other hand, this kind of standard formatting to computers helps a lot. For example, it makes it easier for computer systems to sort and index RSS feeds based on RDF descriptions. In this, the end result is more accurate when people are searching for articles using keywords .

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